Amputee Devotee


Amputee Devotee is a site for people who enjoy watching or lookin at amputees.This site is also for wannabes and actual amputees.

Amputee fetishism is a term used as a conjunction between the two forms of sexual attraction to amputation known as Acrotomophilia and Apotemnophilia.

Within the field of sexology, acrotomophilia (also known as amelotatism) refers to an attraction to amputees and amputation, while apotemnophilia pertains to the attraction for amputating one's own body parts.

Organised groups interested in the benefits and pleasure gained from amputation as an actual practise or as a fictional concept exist on the internet. Members of the online communities may refer to themselves as an Amputee Devotee, Amputee Wannabes, Amputee Lover, or Amputee Admirer.

The question of whether actually amputating one's own body parts or encouraging or operating on a partner for the sake of sexual pleasure is morally legitimate is problematic. For some; modifying the body is a private ritual of self-ownership and freedom of choice, while psychiatrists may call on a form of disorder such as body integrity identity disorder (B.I.I.D.).